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Here are some current and past projects I've worked on.  Feel free to clink on the links to view more information about the projects or to be able to play them.


Space Farm Simulator

💚 released my first indie game on Roblox, there’s still some glitches we’re working through 💚

link in bio 🍄

welcome to space farm simulator! 👽💫

😵 your farm is being invaded!!
⚡️ save the farm from the alien animals invasion ⚡️
🥚collect space eggs
🛸 ride a space ship
💜 discover more with friends

updates and more rewards coming soon 🫶
thank u 🌟




Art & Development: Valentina Echeverry 

Programming: Oscar Miranda

Writer & Music: Isaac Vergara

Roblox Projects

Some of my favorite projects I've worked on for Roblox!

1- Sandy and Patrick Player Buddies for Paramount's Spongebob Squarepants game (coming soon to Roblox)

2 - Metal Sonic for SEGA's Sonic Speed Simulator

3 - Princess Mononoke Inspired Character Concept for Slashing Simulator

4 - Princess Jasmine Inspired Costume for Twilight Daycare

5 - Sci Fi Inspired Costume for Twilight Daycare

6 - Official Barbie Roblox Character Costume Design and Models (in BETA)

7 - Chuck E Cheese game Character Concept

XONE environments

Some Augmented Reality environments I worked on for XONE. An app released as an NFT on the blockchain community I got to work on implementing the level design, concept art, models, textures and augmented reality look development on the Open, Clouds, Pyramid and Underwater worlds using Unity.

Pet models for Pets Roleplay

I got to work on these models, textures and rigs for the Pets Roleplay game on Roblox!

Feel free to play the alpha and help the developers find any bugs to prepare for the official launch.



🐾Choose your pets or become them!

🔨Get a job, and dress up!

🏡 Make it yours, buy a house or a vehicle!

🧑‍🎓Weekly Updates!

Layered Clothes Outfits
for Roblox

Roblox's new layered clothes feature gives players the ability to have more detailed and realistic clothes compared to the texture painted clothes. 

I had the pleasure of modeling, texturing, rigging and programming outfits for various Roblox games.

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