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I'm Valentina, a Miami based Interactive Designer and Instructor from Colombia. 

I've been inspired to create since I can remember. I've had almost every job you can imagine from bartender, seamstress, painter, event programmer, special effects make up artist to landing in the animation and tech industry. My family brought us here from Colombia when I was a child and I was lucky to have parents that found art schools to enroll me in for middle school and high school. After I graduated I took a year off to explore internships and interactive art programs at museums and my passion for animation and making it interactive came to life.

When I discovered digital art and AR/game development, I became really passionate about finding a medium I can still express my drive to create through an emerging world with endless possibilities. 

While I was studying Interactive Design at SCAD, I picked up a job at wTVision, a TV Broadcast company where I got hired as a Graphic Designer at first but was thrown in the fire to start specializing in Interactive Design software working on projects with Bein Sports, Univision, Riot Games and Telemundo while also being asked to teach broadcast studios in El Salvador and Canada. 


I grew a passion for sharing my knowledge so I began teaching digital art and game development workshops at a museum here in Miami called the De La Cruz, at local Elementary Schools, and also had the pleasure of being able to teach Game Production at the University of Florida Digital Worlds where I got to lead a class in creating their own Indie games from start to finish.


While trying  to find a way to keep my career remote when the Broadcast companies were asking for hybrid or in office work after the pandemic, I started working on game design/interactive projects as a hobby I was able to work on games with Roblox, Paramount/ Nickelodeon  Spongebob, Barbie, Hot Wheels, SEGA Sonic and Build A Bear and also worked on an AR blockchain metaverse project with Universal Music.


Contact me

Feel free to reach out by email or via my Social Media channels.

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